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Back in Stock.
Riverina Grove Aussie Tomato & BBQ sauce 500g
Aurelio Organic Mild Salsa

Buy of the week!
TMG - Aussie Almonds 500g 
Market Update.
Mandarins & Navel Oranges are great value and great eating.
Beans are great value.
Zucchinis are in good supply and have come back in price.
QLD strawberries eating much better and come down in price.
Small strawberries are still scarce/difficult to source
Broccoli & CauliflowerPumpkins are great value and have all come down in price.

Seasonal/Pricing Challenges
Limes, Lebanese and Telegraph (continental) cucumbers at premium prices. Scarce
Avocados pricing extremely high and will continue to be expensive.
Mushrooms facing challenges for a few more weeks.
Australian white seedless grapes are now finished and Red & Black coming to an end.
Beans, Zucchini and Cauliflower have come back in price
Rockmelon, and seedless watermelon are still a little high and Candy Melons have finished

Everyday Eats
Apple , Pears, Potatoes all priced well and eating great.
Bananas have lost there tan but still tasting great.